Sunday, April 15, 2012


Summer before last I was running along one of the greenbelts near my home. I had my MP3 player on and was focused on a lecture. I was not fully concentrating on the trail ahead. As I came around a wooded corner a girl on her bicycle appeared and we had a collision. The girl fell and banged her elbows, but was otherwise OK. Her pedal collided with my ankle and scraped it up. Over the next few days the ankle became infected which caused a trip to the doctor and several days off from running. All the result of a distraction which caused me to lose focus on the trail ahead.

It seems that the Democrats are attempting to create distractions in this election that are causing Americans to lose focus on the key issues of the upcoming election: the economy, foreign policy, a failed presidency, and a shift towards socialism.

Earlier this year, George Stephanopoulos from ABC News raised a question at a Republican debate about contraception. Candidate Romney was befuddled as to why the question had even been brought up. In subsequent weeks there was more discussion over contraception, particularly after rules had been published regarding contraception requirements in Obamacare. I cannot remember if contraception has ever been a campaign issue, but the media seems to have brought it front and center, it seems in hope of causing the American public to lose focus on key issues.

This past week a Democratic operative made comments about Ann Romney never having worked a day in her life. The controversy over this topic, though important, again has caused the media to focus on something other than key issues. It would seem that the media/Democrats are attempting to create a false war on women to make Republicans look bad. A distraction.

We cannot lose focus caused by the noise in the media. We have a President who is waging a war on free enterprise, the American economy, and the stability of our nation. We need to remain focused. If we trip during this important race, then the left may surge ahead and win this vital election and we may never recover.

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