Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inept or Conspiracy

As I have watched the mainstream media (MSM) over the past few weeks I have come to a conclusion that they are either inept or they are in a conspiracy with those who wish to fundamentally change the United States. Let me list a few examples.

1. In April of this year, Anita Dunn was appointed as White House interim communications director. Her most recent assignment has been to take on Fox News (see Washington Post, 10/13/09). Dunn, like others associated with the administration, want to see a much different America. Why is it that Fox News has to expose the philosopy of this woman? Where is the rest of the media? The video below establishes that her political hero is not George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln, but one of the worst murderers in all history.

One has to give Dunn credit for her appreciation of Mother Teresa, but how can someone whose political hero is Mao Tse Tung be a member of the White House staff? If Karl Rove had said something similar, he would have been driven out of the country. Why hasn't the MSM picked up on this in the days since this video came to light? Instead, they all but praise her for her attacks on Fox News. Whatever happened to free speech?

2. However, the MSM has been busy in recent days, which has me leaning more towards conspiracy. Rush Limbaugh, admittedly a controversial figure, has been receiving negative attention over his bid to join with a group to purchase the NFL franchise, St. Louis Rams. ESPN reported, "Earlier this week, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay predicted that Limbaugh's potential bid would be met by significant opposition. Several players have also voiced their displeasure with Limbaugh's potential ownership position, and NFL Players Association head DeMaurice Smith, who is black, urged players to speak out against Limbaugh's bid" (ESPN). Why? The ESPN article continued, "At the NFL owners meetings this week in Boston, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addressed Limbaugh's potential involvement in the league and said 'divisive comments are not what the NFL is all about'."

MSM sources have quoted Limbaugh as having made racially charged statements. Apparently, the source for the Limbaugh quotes is the book 101 People Who Are Really Screwing America by Jack Huberman. The quotes in the book and as reported by the MSM are false. An article at Newsbusters reported, "The Media Research Center has called upon the cable outlets that ran the fake quote to retract. So far, MSNBC has refused. CNN's Rick Sanchez asserted that Limbaugh has denied the remark. (Anderson Cooper admitted the falsity on Wednesday’s AC360.) The MRC has also produced a special report on the liberal media's attacks against the host" (Newsbusters). Thus, it appears that Limbaugh's NFL bid has been scuttled by libel. Suffice it to say, the MSM has used false information to attack Rush in another effort to discredit conservative talk radio.

3. This past summer Michelle Malkin released a new book, Culture of Corruption. Malkin's book details the lies and corruption by many appointees to the Obama administration (including appointees who withdrew their nominations) and organizations with which Obama has been associated. It has been a stunning read. Ms. Malkin has documented every claim in her book with over 70 pages of footnotes. The MSM has virtually ignored Malkin's claims. Every American should be appalled at the level of corruption in American government (and I'm sure it is not just the Obama administration). How can we be considering a major overhaul of 15% of the American economy when so much corruption exists within our government?

4. And then there is ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). Scandal after scandal in this organization is revealed and the MSM (on the most part) either ignores it or blames the GOP for picking on this group. Why is ACORN significant? Obama himself was a community organizer, though not a member of this group. He has been intimately tied with ACORN for years (see WorldNetDaily, 09/18/09). Obama aside, ACORN has been given millions of tax dollars to support programs for the poor. ACORN has been involved in voter fraud, embezzelent, and other scandals (see Chapter 8 of Culture of Corruption). Most recently, two young adults went undercover into several ACORN offices and exposed the kind of corrupt thinking that exists in this organization (see Andrew Breitbart's The video below is just one of several:

Where was the MSM on this story? It was mentioned, but it wasn't given a lot of airtime or printed space. Here is an organization that clearly is a "culture of corruption," but is being ignored by much of the media. Even Congress had the good sense to finally cut funding with this organization (see Fox News, 09/14/09) and the Census Bureau severed their ties (see Wall Street Journal, 09/12/09). But if I show this video to most Americans, they would be surprised. They are more concerned about the balloon boy hoax in Colorado, than the corruption that is stealing millions, maybe billions of their hard earned dollars.

5. And what about the Van Jones resignation? It was reported by the MSM, but that was about it. Who is Van Jones? Jones was appointed by the Obama administration as the Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. The job: to work with government departments and agencies to advance the President's climate and energy inititiatives. Why would Van Jones resign? He became embroiled in controversy and stated that the administration's inititiative were more important than one person. What controversy? He made disparaging comments about the GOP (not necessarily bad, but the language was vulgar), signed a petition supporting 9/11 truthers, and was a self-described "communist" during the 1990s and previously worked with a group dedicated to Marxist and Leninist philosophies. Again, why is it that only Fox News and talk radio are exposing the radicals that seem to have taken residence in the Obama administration?

If a Republican administration had appointed such a radical, the MSM would have been all over the story. As it is, ask your friends about Van Jones and they will probably respond, "Who?"

Needless to say, it becomes increasingly apparent that the mainstream media is no longer seeking the truth, but advancing an agenda. The current Congress and administration have plans to truly change the path this nation is taking: increased involvement in health care, radical changes in the way we handle energy and tax it, increased regulation, expansion of union power, and more. The American people need to be given the truth and let's have an honest discussion. The MSM does not appear to want that. Instead, they are virtually ignoring important stories and branding Fox News and talk radio as hate mongers. At least we all know that balloon boy's parents are probably going to be felons. Something both Fox News and MSNBC can agree on.